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Meca-Inox Valves

  • Two loose flanges revolving around two coupling ends

  • 1/4" through 8" carbon steel & stainless steel

  • Mix & match end pieces                                          

  • Reduce installation & maintenance costs

  • Rotate the valve 360° around the pipe

  • Rugged & dependable

  • Fire Safe Design Available

  • Low Temperature Service – Cryogenic Service to -196°C (-320°F)

  • High Temperature Service – Thermal Fluid & Steam to +300°C (+572°F)

Meca Inox 3-Piece Valve.jpg
Meca Inox Cryogenic Valve.jpg

  Cryogenic Valves

Conventional valves are installed in piping systems with threaded, flanged or welded end connections that are fixed in place.  Meca-Inox offers conventional one and two-piece valves, but it is our unique 3-piece ball valve that sets us apart from the competition.


The Meca-Inox "Unibody" valve design features two loose body flanges rotating around two coupling ends.  The loose body flanges hold the center section or body of the valve in place.  Using 4, 6 or 8 holes, bolts ensure the characteristic tightness of the body / coupling sub-assembly. 


Since the coupling ends are separate from the body, you can mix and match a variety of welded, threaded or custom end pieces.


  Kit Valves  -  PO Box 33504, Tulsa, OK 74153  -  918-633-4499

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