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H1 at H&R 001.jpg

 Model 1H Oil Skimmer


Model 5H Oil Skimmer

6V with Cantilever Mount MDC19.jpg

Cantilever Mount System

P1010151 (2).jpg
Joe T Smith Pic 3.jpg

Boom Mount System

6V with Vapor Hood 1.jpg

Vapor Hood System

6V with 60-inch Floor Frame - Sludge Pan

Model 6V Oil Skimmer

6V-Rail Mount-Tube Guard-Decanter-1.jpg

Rail Mount System

Model 7V Oil Skimmer.jpg

New Model 7V - 1" tube - variable speed motor

Efficient removal of free-floating oil from ponds, pits, sumps, vats and tanks, 24/7/365.  Long service life, minimum maintenance.

Click on link to view video  -  PO Box 33504, Tulsa, OK 74153  -  918-633-4499

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